Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Watertown Art Fest

Recently I've had the awesome opportunity to work with one of the most amazing designers I know. We have been working side by side in her 8' office ("closet"), literally side by side. We make jokes that our minds are connected and we no longer need to talk to each other cause we hare always thinking the same thing. I've always admired her "lets get this done" attitude and am always astonished by her final design projects. This project was a complicated task: I was to design a piece that wasn't too far off the design of last year, matched the current branding, marketed a business not the event itself, told of all the weekend events, and get it approved my two of my most esteemed. Oh gosh. Here are a few of the pieces I was tasked with designing.... and they would not have came out this way without Lisa's help. Do go check out the sweet website Lisa made for the Goss Opera House.

Friday, August 6, 2010

the love of my life

the first love of my life. by far the most beautiful horse I've ever seen. it's taken me awhile to post these since we had to put him to sleep this spring. Fortunately I took these photos last summer, but its taken me a long time to be able to look at them without crying too much to see the screen. Oddly enough it was sort of a miracle that I have these photos anyway cause pony was deathly afraid of cameras. I think the flash always freaked him out and he associated the sound of the shutter with the bright light. My mom accidentally took a photo inside the barn once and the flash went off while he was still in. He freaked out made a huge scene and ran out. For the rest of the day he stood outside the door giving her the stare of death. Ahhhh funny old cranky man stories. Ok here's the photos before I start crying....

my roommate and best friend

He's actually kind of handsome in these photos, I'm not really sure how that happened. Normally I think he's rather bothersome. Anyways, he needed some photos of himself ranching to send in to The Nature Conservancy for an article they did on him. Oddly enough we met one summer when we both had seasonal jobs at The Nature Conservancy. It is truly an amazing organization and I highly recommend checking them out.

He just happened to have the dog along so we figured we'd put him in the shot too. However as you can see it took awhile to get the two both looking, cows you know so distracting.